Project in a Box

This page contains various downloads which will help other organisations to set up and operate their own supra-local internet tv channel projects. Click on the links below to download.

The 'Project in a Box' document gives a general outline.

The 'Camera' documents detail what technical and aesthetic considerations go together to make good camera work.

Camera 1
Camera 2

The 'Avid' documents detail what is covered in our 'introduction to editing' sessions.

Avid 1 - Introduction
Avid 2 - Setting up a Project and Digitising/Video Capture
Avid 3 - Putting instructions regarding the captured footage to produce an initial rough-cut
 Avid 4 - Using Trim Mode and Segment Mode to Produce a Fine Cut Using Transitions

Avid 5 - Sound, Titles and Exporting
Avid 6 - Burning DVDs

There are some examples of the promotional materials used in the project - the business cards we had produced (always a good way of making an organisation look more professional), a poster and leaflet produced when we were recruiting possible trainees for the project, and press release from that time.

Car RTV Leaflet
General Poster
Liz's Business Card
Paul's Business Card
Sample Press Release
Evaluation Form

Finally, the code for this website is downloadable below so that other organisations can use it as framework in which to drop in their own names, logos and information.

Website code