Support You Local TV Station

Rossendale TV and the CAR Video Unit behind it are unique resources for Rossendale, and indeed for Lancashire and the whole of the North West.  Our previous trainees have come from Lancaster, Chester and all points in between, thanks to being the only accessible source of free video production training on broadcast quality equipment within 60 miles in any direction.  Many have gone on to further study and employment in the media industry – including the BBC.

Despite a perceived skills shortage where MediaCity is concerned, there is a distinct lack of local provision as regards training to professional standards in the area of video production – thanks largely to the expense of the equipment required.  CAR Video Unit is committed to make such training accessible to the people of Rossendale, Lancashire and beyond – no matter what their age, background or level of education.

In the current economic climate funding for community organisations like the CAR Video Unit is becoming increasingly difficult to find, however.  This is the main reason behind the Rossendale TV project.  The more support we can get from local businesses providing advertising revenue and sponsorship for individual films, the more successful we can be.  If this is of interest to you, please send us details of your requirements using the contact page.

Donations from individuals and organisations wishing to support our continued provision of free and accessible video production training for local people, young and old, into the future are also very welcome.  Please use the button below whenever the fancy takes you.